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BikeTexas Strategic Planning Process

CIS 2013We’re excited to present you with our new 2014-2019 strategy, created with the input of over 1400 BikeTexas members, supporters, sponsors, and even potential supporters and partners. “This strategy will help the staff and board ensure the organization is taking action to increase cycling throughout Texas. The fact that our strategy is strong and was created by the community lets us know that what we’re doing is going to succeed with the support of all people who bike across the state,” says Annie Melton, BikeTexas Board Chair.


Download the strategy at this link. 




Here’s how we developed the strategy:

BikeTexas formed a strategy committee of 14 leaders representing staff, board, and other key stakeholder groups for the organization. The goal: to transparently create a new strategy for the organization that is owned by the diverse stakeholders we serve. The strategy committee sought an outside faciliator, Jeremy Grandstaff of S&G Endeavors, for guidance and a fresh perspective in working through a strategy-building process.

A draft strategy was developed early in the process and the overarching themes were presented for survey feedback. Over 1300 Texas cyclists responded to the survey. Drawing from survey results, BikeTexas then hosted nine webinars to bring stakeholders together and have discussions that would help craft our approach with the new strategy.

From the survey, we gained the following insights:

  • Advocacy for infrastructure, including protected bike lanes and trails, should be a focus of BikeTexas.
  • There is a significantly strong desire to have BikeTexas leading statewide advocacy solutions, and a strong desire to have BikeTexas play a key role, in collaboration with local advocates and other stakeholders, in advancing local bicycle policy and infrastructure.
  • Advocacy for walking, if it does not overpower cycling advancement efforts, is not a deterrent for the strategy of BikeTexas.

In addition, we also gathered survey feedback on the mission and vision for the organization, allowing us to make sure the overall direction reflected the majority of respondents.

During the nine webinars, participants were able to dive further into discussion building on survey feedback. Some of the things we also gained from this discussion included:

  • BikeTexas has the important task of representing a diverse stakeholder group of cyclists;
  • A publicity campaign is a key need for the state to increase cycling efforts;
  • Education is a path to engaging current and future advocates (referring to educating youth); and,
  • Effective local advocacy is dependent on a unique approach to each community, a collaborative spirit from all parties, and demonstrated successes in pilot areas. Focusing on a regional approach is a way to strengthen BikeTexas’s role in local advocacy.

Building on the input—Creating the New Strategy: In September, the board, staff, and members of the strategy committee met to process all the feedback and finalize and approve the overall strategic framework for the organization. In addition, we created action plans for each of the goals for the new strategy. The staff just held a retreat to put on the final touches and we’re already moving forward with our work as outlined in the strategy: we’ve recently opened a Brownsville office and we hosted a fundraising house party.

Where do I fit in? As a member, supporter, and friend of BikeTexas, we’re counting on you. This strategy helps us take the next steps to increase cycling for all people who bike across Texas, and the staff and board are eager to provide the leadership to move it forward. Every Texas cyclist can play a role in this new strategy:

Look for upcoming opportunities to help us with our programs.

Help spread the word about successes—follow us on your favorite social media channel and join the conversation.

Make an investment. A strategy doesn’t just help us, it helps you know where we are going and how your financial investment in BikeTexas is an investment in the future of cycling throughout Texas. Become a part of BikeTexas today and help create change for all people who bike in your community.

Reflects Robin Stallings, Executive Director, “The surveys and webinars allowed us to gather so much valuable input from all people who bike across the state, and I hope that each of our members, supporters, sponsors, or others, will continue to be engaged as we implement the strategy they helped us create. With the increased support of our stakeholders, BikeTexas is poised to strategically increase cycling across Texas.”

Thank you to each of you who played a role throughout the strategic planning process. We’ll be in touch with further details as we move into 2014.


Sincerely, BikeTexas Board, Staff, and Strategy Committee

* denotes Strategy Committee member from board or staff

BikeTexas Board Members:

*Annie Melton, Board Chair, Dallas

*Doug Black, Fort Worth

Francesca Funk, Irving

*Charlie Gandy, Long Beach, CA

Larry Graham, Austin

David Ham, Midland

Ryan Hanson, Houston

Andy Hollinger, Bedford

George Mendes, The Woodlands

Mark Peña, Edinburg

Michael Portman, Laredo/Austin

*Freddie Ramirez, Corpus Christi

Tom Riddle, Spring

*Bill Shea, San Antonio

Lenore Shefman, Austin

*Torrance Strong, Fort Worth

BikeTexas Staff:

(cities are hometowns or where we've lived most in Texas)

*Robin Stallings, Executive Director, Garland

Brenda Chuleewah, Wichita Falls

*Emma Cravey, Austin

*Leslie Luciano, El Paso

Fernando Martinez, Amarillo/Brownsville

Allene Mayfield, Lubbock

Durwood Mayfield, Lubbock

*Jack Sanford, San Antonio

Susan Wilcox, Lubbock

Other Stakeholders on the Strategy Committee:

Hill Abell, Austin

Gail Spann, Houston/Rockwall

Mark Stine, Houston/Austin

Business Members, Sponsors, & Friends