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Share the Road Y'all

As Published - TBC Listserve - 5-21-2005

by Guy Taylor

One thing that really ticks me off is a cyclist that makes no effort to assist the passing of a motor vehicle but "hogs" the road. The car v. cyclist attitude that many riders have created from years of fighting traffic hinder our efforts for equal access. What ever happened to the "Drive Texas Friendly" attitude we used to have in this state.

Cyclist need to recognize that they are a burden on cars just like cars are a burden on us. We need to give a little and expect the same in return. Isn't that where the "share the road" mentality comes from? When I see two or three cyclist riding abreast or a large Peloton with a car behind them and they make no effort to pull over into one line to assist the driver in passing it upsets me. Why don't we use proper etiquette and notify others with the verbal "car back" caution. Then we can pull to a single line and let the car pass. I would bet that the driver of the car would then waive with all five fingers.

I'm one cyclist that would not blame the driver if he gave the one finger salute. I had the opportunity to get on the wheel of a large group out of Austin that took the entire lane. When a car approached I yelled "Car back" and the other riders looked at me like I was crazy and some laughed at me. They made no effort to help the driver at all. I was so embarrassed for cycling. Share the road y'all, its the Texas way!!

Guy Taylor
Marble Falls

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