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News / Blog Community News Throwback Thursday: Rules to Ride By

Throwback Thursday: Rules to Ride By

We found this gem in our archives recently. From the April/May 1999 issue of The Advocate (BikeTexas' original newsletter).


chandlers bike safety rules the advocate 1999 biketexasDear Editor,

Chandler (who is just six years old) wrote up these rules this afternoon, all by herself. I thought you might consider them as copy for the newsletter, if you are looking for a kid's view of the world. -- Charlie Gandy


Chandler's Bike Safety Rules

  • Never ride a bike with your shoes un tide.
  • Put your helmet on and make sher it fits.
  • Wen you first start dont go on things slipery like leafs.
  • Not more then two peopol by some one on a bike.
  • Stay on right side of the road.
  • Always keep your hands on the handels.
  • Always park in a bike rac wern you are on a bike.
  • Do not stand up on a bike.
  • Give the other persin room.
  • Keep the road claen for you and other peopel.
  • Do not honk your horn just to talk to a frend.
  • Make sure you bike works like it should.
  • If you ride with your buddies dont hog the road.
  • Dont cause a traffic jam.


Photo: Front page of April/May 1999 The Advocate, with Chandler's column on the left-hand side.

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