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News / Blog Community News Houston - Vote YES on Proposition B!

Houston - Vote YES on Proposition B!

A trail near a bayou in Houston

The City of Houston has a bond measure on the ballot this November that will help create more parks and green spaces in the city. Parks By You, who is spearheading the campaign to get the bond passed, intends to use 70 miles of bayous and greenways to give most Houstonians access to parks within 1.5 miles of their residences. These new linear parks and bayou green spaces will be paid for partly through the bond measure and partly through outside matching funds.

The trails that will be built through these parks will increase safety and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians, as they will no longer have to mix with traffic on busy streets. These off-road trails will make active commutes more pleasant and more attractive to more people.

Some of the benefits of this project include:
Public Health and Safety Benefits:

  • Communities will have local neighborhood opportunities to stay active and healthy.
  • Increased access to recreational spaces, making it easier for children and adults to play and exercise safely.
  • Active communities are safe communities--when people have safe spaces to play, exercise, and interact, crime is reduced.

Transportation Benefits:

  • The trails will reduce the necessity for cyclists and pedestrians to travel on dangerous streets. In conjunction with existing infrastructure, the trails will provide an effective system of transportation throughout the city.
  • Road traffic congestion and air pollution can be reduced as more people choose to walk or cycle instead of drive.

Environmental Benefits:

  • The bayous were built to hold water. In rainy situations the green spaces will decrease overflow that currently floods streets and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • The natural filtration systems these green spaces provide will improve water quality--resulting in less spending on water filtration.
  • The trees that would adorn these spaces will boost air quality.

The bond measure is Proposition B on the ballot. Please vote Yes for Proposition B and help make Houston greener and more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians!

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