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{attractor float=left}Texas Bicycle Coalition played a pivotal role in the passage of the new Federal Transportation bill. {/attractor}Texas Bicycle Coalition played a pivotal role in the passage of the new Federal Transportation bill.. Working with Texas bicycle dealers and industry leaders, cycling clubs and scores of individual members, Texas Bicycle Coalition succeeded in delivering a powerful message to our Congressional delegates.

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Texas Bicycle Coalition & Communities Respond to Hurricane Katrina

bike_donation_poster_2005.jpgWhen Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast this week, countless people lost their homes, their livelihoods, and their means of transportation. Thousands of people from neighboring Louisiana have taken refuge in cities and towns across Texas. Texas Bicycle Coalition is working with the Texas bicycle community to coordinate a thoughtful and concerted response.

Several staff members visited the Toney Burger Center in Austin, a local Red Cross shelter for hurricane victims, on August 31 to assess need and determine how the cycling community may be able to help. As a result of this visit, and with growing support from the bicycle industry and our membership, Texas Bicycle Coalition is spearheading efforts to provide bicycle education and recreation to the thousands of refugee children living at Red Cross shelters.

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NCSL Bipartisan Bike Ride 2005

Texas Bicycle Coalition helped guide the first-annual ride for state legislators at the annual meeting of the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) on Friday, August 19 in Seattle, Washington.

While legislators from across the country descended upon Seattle to exchange ideas and work on challenging national issues, they were able to get in a little recreation and spend some quality time on a bike.

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Trans Texas Corridor near Katy

Another round of studies of the I-69 branch of the Trans-Texas Corridor is nearing completion. A project of the national highway system, I-69 could add several thousand miles of new roadway along the 1600 mile Corridor that is proposed to cut through southern and eastern Texas . . . and you can bet that none of those miles will be appropriate for cycling.

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Federal Transportation Bill

America Bikes, a national bicycle advocacy group and legislative watchdog, established to promote bicycling within the Capitol Complex in Washington, DC, reported July 22:

Late last night the House and Senate passed the tenth extension to TEA-21, giving lawmakers until Wednesday July 27th to resolve differences and present a bill to the President for his signature.

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