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Action Alert!

ACTION ALERT! - Sign the Safe Passing Petition!

Thursday, June 25 2009 18:00


Dear fellow Texas cyclists,

As you know, last week Governor Perry vetoed the Safe Passing Bill (SB 488). This bill would have made Texas roads safer by requiring motorists to give three feet clearance when passing a cyclist or other vulnerable road user. We are deeply disappointed in the Governor's decision.

Preparation for the next legislative session starts the day after the close of the last session. In addition to our ongoing work in statewide children's bike safety education and Congressional lobbying for bike infrastructure funding in the upcoming 2010 Federal Transportation Bill, we are already building the foundation for the 2011 Texas Legislature.

Read more: ACTION ALERT! - Sign the Safe Passing Petition!


ACTION UPDATE - Governor Vetoes Safe Passing

Friday, June 19 2009 14:15

Governor Vetos Safe Passing Bill

Dear fellow Texas cyclists,

We are stunned. After passing SB 488 through both houses of the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan margins and responding to every legislator's concern with information or compromise, Governor Perry killed the bill today.

In spite of the huge number of phone calls in the span of two very intense hours, Governor Perry vetoed the Safe Passing bill, SB 488.

Read more: ACTION UPDATE - Governor Vetoes Safe Passing


ACTION ALERT! - Governor Plans to Veto Safe Passing Bill Today

Thursday, June 18 2009 18:00

Governor Plans to Veto Safe Passing Bill Today!
Forward this to every cyclist you know!

Dear Fellow Texas Cyclists,

Every cyclist in Texas must call Governor Perry today and insist that he allow SB 488 to pass!

The governor mistakenly thinks that the bill puts all of the responsibility on the motorist.There might be time to save the bill if you hurry and make the calls.

This is the most important call we have ever asked you to make.
Our lives depend on it.

BikeTexas was notified at 12:30 pm CST that Governor Perry plans to veto the Safe Passing Bill. This veto can happen within the next couple of hours TODAY. We need every cyclist in Texas to call NOW and tell the Governor to pass SB 488. More than 1000 vulnerable road users in Texas die every year.

Read more: ACTION ALERT! - Governor Plans to Veto Safe Passing Bill Today


ACTION UPDATE - Safe Passing Passes Texas House and Senate

Sunday, May 31 2009 18:00

Safe Passing Bill Passes Texas House and Senate!
If and when it is signed by the Governor, it will become Texas law.

The final version of the Safe Passing Bill, SB 488, was passed yesterday by the Texas House. Today, the Senate voted on it, and overwhelmingly voted to pass it.

That was the final step for the bill to complete in the Legislature. Now, it will be sent to Governor Perry, and we are cautiously optimistic that he will sign it into law. We will know the outcome by June 21, the last day the Governor can sign or veto bills.

Thank you all for your help and support so far. We will keep you updated on the bill's progress. To read the bill text, see the bill authors, or check the record votes, click here.

ACTION UPDATE - Safe Passing Leaps Another Hurdle!

Tuesday, May 19 2009 18:00

It is one step closer to being enacted into law.

The Safe Passing Bill, SB 488, was passed yesterday by the Texas House under the steady hand and watchful eye of Representative Linda Harper-Brown (R-Irving).

SB 488 had previously passed the Senate and been sent to the House Transportation Committee. The Transportation Committee passed SB 488 with slightly different language than the Senate version.

Yesterday, it was passed by the full House. Now the bill will go to a House/Senate Conference Committee to reconcile the two versions of SB 488.

Representative Harper-Brown and Senator Rodney Ellis D-Houston are likely to co-chair the Conference Committee. After the Conference Committee the bill must pass the House and Senate again.

We will keep you updated with any new developments. This is a major milestone in the progress of the bill, but we are not out of the woods yet!

Click here to see the bill's progress, and to read the text of the Safe Passing Bill.

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