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Action Alert!

Action Alert: Save Theo and Malone Bike Lanes (San Antonio)

Monday, December 09 2013 15:18

MaloneAve-BikeLane-TheoThe City of San Antonio is spending $14 million to improve Theo and Malone between S. Flores and Nogalitos-- a bond package that promised to improve bike lanes. However, the City's Capital Improvements Management Services department held a public meeting in April 2013 and recommended that the bike lanes be removed. 


Sign and share this petition to show your support for IMPROVING bike lanes, not REMOVING them.


At the public meeting, the citizens present asked for on-street parking and reduced truck traffic. No one presented to the community any of the positive benefits of improving the roads for all users, so attendees at the meeting did not get a complete picture of what bicycle accommodations can do for their street and their community.


One of CIMS' options included on-street parking, and a wide cycle track to replace the bike lane, which would help buffer residents from loud truck traffic. This is the option that should be built with our tax dollars. You can download CIMS' public presentation here and see the minutes from the meeting here.


Action Alert: Give TxDOT Feedback on FM 2493 (Tyler)

Monday, December 02 2013 15:00

FM-2493-TylerTxDOT and Tyler MPO are making plans for FM 2493 south of Tyler, and they need your input.


The planned construction includes widening the road and adding sidewalks, but does not include any provision for bicycles.


Spread the word - share the following petition link by email and social media:


Please attend the public meeting on Tuesday, December 10, to let TxDOT and your MPO know that you want bicycle infrastructure when the road is reconstructed.


Please remind TxDOT:


  • You are a cyclist and you want safe roads in your area
  • TxDOT's own policies call for all road users to be considered in road designs
  • Planning for bicycles and pedestrians from the beginning of a project saves money and resources over trying to retrofit the road later to accommodate all users
  • Including provisions for all users can save the community the tragedy a non-motorist death due to a badly planned road

The meeting is on Tuesday, December 10 from 5-7 PM at Southside Baptist Church (map). You can also submit comments through TxDOT's email system, but be aware that you can only use 250 characters in their comment box.


Action Alert: Attend TxDOT's Online Meeting

Monday, December 02 2013 13:39

Houston trails

Many of you attempted to participate in TxDOT's online public open house a few weeks ago about the 2040 Long-Range Plan updates and were unable to log on. Because of the technical difficulties and high level of interest in the updates, TxDOT has agreed to host another online meeting so people who ride bikes in Texas have a chance to share their concerns.

What: Online Public Open House

When: 6 PM, Thursday December 5

Where: Click this link to access the meeting. If requested, enter your name and email address. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: 12345. Click "Join". 

Who: You!

We spoke to TxDOT about the technical problems and they were surprised to hear that we had managed to let so many people know about the meetings so quickly. In fact, when we got the word out, TxDOT had an old link published on their site that was only corrected after we had already let you know the meetings were coming-- but unfortunately, neither TxDOT nor we realized that the bad link had gone out across the state.

Thank you for being committed to making Texas a great place to ride a bike! 

When you submit feedback to TxDOT, please keep the following in mind:

  • Ask that TxDOT adopt an agency-wide, district-wide, and area-wide Complete Streets policy with guidance, procedures, and review included.
  • Remind TxDOT that a Complete Streets policy is in accordance with their first priority: safety for all road users.
  • Point out that the review process for Complete Streets is more economical in the long run, saving TxDOT the time and other resources required to add bicycle or pedestrian accommodations later in the project.
  • Express your support for trails projects in your community: The current federal transportation bill allows TxDOT to move trails money away to non-bike/ped uses much more easily than before, and we want them to keep trails funding for trail building.

Thank you for participating in this process. Let's make sure TxDOT remembers people who bike and walk in their transportation planning.


Action Alert: Contact Congress Now About Cycling Deaths

Friday, November 22 2013 12:25

Iris Ghost BikeIn recent weeks, people who ride bikes across Texas have been shocked and saddened by the loss of even more of our own to collisions. 2013 has been a terrible year for bicyclist deaths in Texas. 


We want a better future, and we know you want that, too. BikeTexas is proud to join with our colleagues at the League of American Bicyclists to ask Congress to act. We want to make sure that every life of every road user matters and is counted.


Please contact U.S. Congress, including your representative and senators, to ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 3494 / S. 1708, which requires the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and state DOTs to account for and reduce bicyclist and pedestrian deaths. 


Last year, Congress mandated the US DOT to set performance goals, including safety goals. We believe that those goals should include a plan to make biking safer. However, the US DOT has refused to set a safety goal for non-motorized transportation. 


These bills give US DOT the flexibility to determine the best method to meet these safety measures, and call on our leaders to reduce the number of people who are killed or injured while biking and walking on our streets every year.     

We've found this format to work well with elected officials. Please adjust as needed for your House member and Senators:

    1. My name is ________ and I live in [your District or city].
    2. I (and/or family member) ride a bicycle and walk in [District]. The current rate of cyclist and pedestrian deaths on our Texas roads is unacceptable.
    3. HR 3494 (or S 1708 for Senators), the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act, states clearly that the lives of all roadway users are important, and creates accountability toward ending needless deaths.
    4. Will the [Congressman/Congresswoman/Senator] cosponsor HR 3494 / S 1708?


BikeTexas wants to give a special thanks to Representative Michael McCaul of Texas for taking leadership on this bill and being an original cosponsor. Please ask your representative to join Rep. McCaul in sponsoring this bill. If you live in TX-10, please call or email to thank Representative McCaul for his support. 


It's time for our transportation officials to stop ignoring pedestrian and bicycle deaths and start working to prevent them. Please contact Congress today and ask your representative and our senators to cosponsor HR 3494 and S 1708.


Thank you for making Texas a great place to bike and walk!


Action Alert: Contact TxDOT to Prevent a Bike Ban

Monday, June 24 2013 11:40

SH 130, a toll road with wide shoulders and low traffic volumesLast month, The Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) added a last-minute item to their May meeting agenda to propose banning cyclists from all TxDOT-controlled toll roads. Fortunately, we heard about the agenda item in time to attend the meeting and testify against such a ban. The TTC pulled the item from the agenda for more study. (Read more about the May TTC meeting and our response here.)

TxDOT has alerted us that the proposed ban is back on the agenda for the June 27 meeting. We feel that the TTC has not studied this issue enough to have the item back on the agenda so quickly and are disappointed that the TTC is choosing to ignore the rights of cyclists in this way.

Some of our concerns about a comprehensive bicycle ban from toll roads are:

  • Riding a bike on the shoulder of a highway is the last place most people would want to be, but there is often no alternative accommodation;
  • Some toll roads do not have service roads attached and may be the only access to a location;
  • Many Texas toll roads have low traffic volumes and few conflict points, and thus are safer than their alternatives;
  • Many Texas toll roads are in rural areas without the traffic volumes associated with urban toll roads.
  • Such a sweeping policy from TxDOT sets a dangerous precedent for the future and does not allow any latitude in accounting for differences in regions, traffic volumes, and alternative accommodations across Texas.

Take Action Now:

  1. Contact the TTC using this form.
  2. Share your concerns with the TTC (use any of the points above, or put it in your own words). Make the request, "Don't ban bikes from toll roads without first providing alternative accommodation." Mark "yes" under "Is this a complaint?" on the form.
  3. If you can make the trip to Austin on Thursday, please make plans to be at the meeting in support of cycling in Texas. Let us know if you can attend so we can plan our testimony accordingly.
  4. Keep us in the loop after you've contacted the TTC, so we can remind them on Thursday of how many emails they've received.

Together, we can fight this ban, which is an assault on the rights of Texas road users.


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