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News / Blog Action Alerts! Action Alert: Complete Streets and Safe Passing Hearing in House Transportation Committee on April 9

Action Alert: Complete Streets and Safe Passing Hearing in House Transportation Committee on April 9

BikeTexas Executive Director Robin Stallings testified to the House Transportation Committee in the 2011 Session.Great news! Complete Streets (HB 1102) and Safe Passing (HB 2225) have both been scheduled for a hearing in the House Transportation Committee on Tuesday, April 9. We’re thrilled that both of these bills have reached the next step toward coming to a vote. Now you can help get them out of committee and onto the House floor!

Some members of the Transportation Committee are not yet ready to vote “Yes” on these bills. If any of these Transportation Committee members are your representative, please contact them immediately to ask them to vote Yes for Complete Streets and Safe Passing:

Rep. Larry Phillips (Committee Chairman), District 62 

Rep. Cindy Burkett, District 113 

Rep. Allen Fletcher, District 130 

Rep. Bobby Guerra, District 41 

Rep. George Lavender, District 1 

Rep. Joe Pickett, District 79 

Rep. Debbie Riddle, District 150 


  • Call or email your representative’s office now and ask for his/her support for HB 1102 and HB 2225.
  • Each member’s name above is a link to his/her page with a phone number and email form. NOTE: Please call the Austin office, not the district office.
  • BikeTexas has found the following format to be most effective when communicating with elected officials:

1. My name is _____ and I live in District _____.

2. My occupation is _____.

3. I (or my spouse/child/parent) ride a bicycle.

4. Will Rep. _____ vote Yes on Complete Streets and Safe Passing?

  • Be polite. Thank the staff for their time. They field hundreds of angry calls every day, so let's make sure cyclists stand out by being courteous. Giving the staffers and the representative a positive impression of Texas cyclists could be the difference in getting the bills passed!
  • Please take a moment to contact us ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and let us know if you've reached your Representative's office and how they respond. ACT NOW so Complete Streets and Safe Passing can come to a vote before time runs out on the session.

If these are not your representatives, please do not contact them! Elected officials respond to their own constituents. Don't worry; there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone in Texas to contact their representatives and senators soon!

Thank you for making Texas a great place to bike and walk!

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