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Thank You Volunteers

BikeNews; Community

Volunteers have an enormous impact on Texas Bicycle Coalition. From those who attended Cyclists in Suits BikeTexas Lobby Day, to those who are working with BikeTexas Local Outreach Coordinators, our volunteers ensure that Texas Bicycle Coalition can effectively carry its mission to advance bicycle access, safety and education for all Texans. More than 25 people assisted Texas Bicycle Coalition in managing the checkpoints at the three Urban Assault Series races this spring. Volunteers from the San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin regions made certain that cyclists obeyed the traffic rules while racing between checkpoints to complete the various challenges. The Urban Assault Series contributed several thousand dollars to the BikeTexas Share the Road program, advancing this vital message. Thank you all for your time and support.

Bike/Car Speed Traps in Utah

BikeNews; Community

Five Police Departments in Utah will participate in a program to identify and reprimand motorists not sharing the road with bicycles. Plainclothes police officers will ride bicycles while officers in squad cars will issue violations. More information can be found on Salt Lake newsradio KSL1160

Pearland City Good Citizen

BikeNews; Member News

As Published - TBC Listserve

by Chip

I was riding South on 1128 today when a white pickup coming the opposite direction begins to slow down. I thought to myself, "Oh no...Here comes a Bubba who wants to intimidate the spindly flourescent-clothed yuppie." I almost fell off my bicycle when he rolled down the window and explained that there was a huge dog in the road ahead and to be really careful. I thanked him profusely and, believe it or not, he turned around right in the middle of 1128 and drove his truck next to me until I was past the dog. He was in a white Pearland City Dept. truck. I still can't believe it. There are nice people out here. This story should be shared with those in other areas of Houston where cyclists and drivers have known feuds. More reasons to wave to everyone. Anyone have other positive stories for a change?


In Memorium Bahram Daneshvar

BikeNews; Member News

On February 3rd, 2005, Bahram Daneshvar and Charles Thiele, both visiting Fredericksburg from Minnesota, set out on their bicycles to experience the fabled Texas Hill Country.

The two cyclists were touring with a group of about 50 cyclists from Minnesota that had traveled to Fredericksburg specifically to ride the roads which have made the Hill Country a national destination for bicyclists.

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SuperCyclist Teacher Trainings Gaining Momentum

BikeNews; Education Fund

As Published - BikeTexas Update ENewsletter

This week, staff traveled to Abilene, Fort Worth, and Wichita Falls to conduct teacher trainings. These trainings are part of our BikeTexas Safe Routes to School Program. In three days, about 80 elementary school teachers were trained in our Texas SuperCyclist Curriculum. In 2004, TBC trained about 100 teachers; we’re well beyond that mark this year. Last week, we trained professors from UT Austin as part of our Texas SuperCollege Program. These college professors then instruct student educators, developing the next generation of bicycle safety educators. Since October 2004, 450 student teachers have learned this curriculum and will soon be implementing this instruction in their own classrooms. Bicycle safety education in Texas is attracting more attention every season.


Share the Road Y'all

BikeNews; Member News

As Published - TBC Listserve - 5-21-2005

by Guy Taylor

One thing that really ticks me off is a cyclist that makes no effort to assist the passing of a motor vehicle but "hogs" the road. The car v. cyclist attitude that many riders have created from years of fighting traffic hinder our efforts for equal access. What ever happened to the "Drive Texas Friendly" attitude we used to have in this state.

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