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Ready to Roll for Bike Month? Steps to Make Your May Awesome

bike monthYou've heard it's Bike Month and you're ready to try it. Maybe your bike has been in the garage because you've been waiting for the warmer weather. Maybe the school calendar has kept you from riding as much as you'd like. Maybe you want to commute to work, but it's just too far or there are no roads you feel comfortable on. Maybe you just want a reason to celebrate with your bike!

Whatever brings you to pulling out your bike, fantastic! You can be rolling around your neighborhood in no time and celebrating all the great fun May (and beyond!) has to offer.


Get your bike ready to roll. Follow these quick steps to make sure your and all of your family's bikes are good to go!

1. Learn how to do the ABC Quick Check before every ride.

2. Make sure everyone in your family has a properly fitted helmet. (PDF download)

3. Get a refresher on the rules of the road with the Texas Bicycle Laws Activity Cards. (PDF download)

4. When's the last time you changed a flat tire? Find step-by-step instructions here. (PDF download)

5. Find more fun ways to learn about biking and walking on the BikeTexas Educational Resources page here.

6. Does your bike need a tuneup? Click here to check out the BikeTexas bike shop members in your area.


Ride around the neighborhood. Practice scanning (looking over your shoulder to see what's behind you), hand signals, changing gears, braking, and stopping.

Feeling a bit rusty on your bike? No worries! Hop on for a spin around a residental block near you to remind yourself about how it feels to be on the bike. This is a good chance to teach your kids the rules of the road, too! Having trouble remembering hand signals? Check out our Share the Road handout for a refresher. (PDF download)


biketomilkshakesTry Bike to Shop, Bike to Coffee, Bike to Eat, Bike to Church, etc., if Bike to Work isn't for you.

Who says work is the only place you can ride a bike? A tasty treat after a bike ride may be just the thing for you! Grab the family, find a friend, or just roll solo. (Image courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists.)


Check out the BikeTexas Event Calendar.

With so much fun stuff happening all over the state for Bike Month, you don't want to miss a thing!


Join the National Bike Challenge.

Log your miles and see how you measure up against your fellow Texans. Challenge a friend for extra fun!


... And even more.

Tried all these things and you still have some May (and beyond!) left? Awesome! See what else is happening in Texas for Bike Month. Is there a Dinner+Bikes event near you? You won't want to miss that! Plus, try out the League's Bike Month Bingo card-- see how many you can fill in during May!


News By Bike: Links for You to Read (May 1)

Friday, 01 May 2015 00:00

Looking for some weekend reading? Look no further than these links we thought were worth sharing this week: 


From BikeTexas:

dinnerandbikes people

Buy tickets to Dinner + Bikes events now! Elly Blue, Joshua Ploeg, and Joe Biel will be stopping in nine Texas cities during Bike Month:

Bike Month is here! Check our our event calendar, buy your tickets for Dinner+Bikes, join the National Bike Challenge, get a new t-shirt or jersey to ride snazzy, make plans for Bike to School and Bike to Work days, and invite a friend to come with you on a ride! 


From around Texas:

Abilene's PD got a donation toward their growing bicycle division.

Even more good news from Abilene: the city is looking into growing the bicycle network, especially so more kids can walk or bike to school.

People who ride bikes in Wichita Falls support safe passing legislation.

BikeHouston boils down the Houston Bike Plan.

Books + bikes-- a match made in paradise! And also at Macon Elementary in Dallas.

Volunteers in San Angelo will clean up the Red Arroyo trail tomorrow. Can you help?

Check out Brownsville's video ahead of the League's Stephen Clark's visit to the city this past week.

The City of Tyler is seeking grants to expand their bicycle network.


From elsewhere:

DC is making it easier for businesses to install parklets in parking spaces.

The bike helmet law that was before the California legislature has been softened in the face of massive opposition.

California is also making progress with protected bike lanes.


Have a great weekend!

Photo: The folks coming through Texas on the Dinner + Bikes tour: Joe Biel, Elly Blue, and Joshua Ploeg. Image courtesy of those fine folks.


Throwback Thursday: Bike Month

Check out the Bike Month preview from the April/May 1992 issue of The Advocate, BikeTexas' (then the Texas Bicycle Coalition) original newsletter:

throwback thursday bike month 1992 biketexas

In a park, riding to school, commuting to work... there's a Bike Day here for everybody!


Throwback Thursday: Sprocket Man

If your friends are anything like ours, you're probably the first person they think of when it comes to bike-related things. Well, this past weekend, one of our staffers got an old copy of Sprocket Man:

Sprocket Man cover


This is not one of our publications; it was the work of many groups, including our friends at the League of American Bicyclists. Some folks from the League are in Austin today and we're getting to spend some time with them, and so in their honor, we share the awesomeness with you:

Sprocket Man parking spread


BikeTexas Today: April 2015

Want the latest news in your inbox? Sign up for BikeTexas emails here.


You Did It! Legislative Successes in April

legislative update biketexas

House Transportation Committee

On Thursday, April 16, three bike-related bills got a hearing in the House Transportation Committee: HB 471, which would require a rear safety light for bikes at night (the current law allows for a light or reflector); HB 383, which is a version of a safe passing bill; and HB 2459, the Iris Stagner Safe Passing Act. All bills were left pending in committee, which we expected. You can find the meeting video in the archives here (4/16/15, Transportation Committee, 8 AM) and see the bike bills starting at 39:40.


Mirror Provision Removed from HB 383

Representative Ruth Jones McClendon removed the mirror requirement from HB 383 on April 13 at the request of many people who ride bikes. While this bill has safe passing language, BikeTexas is actively supporting HB 2459, which is the bipartisan Iris Stagner Safe Passing Act, led by Rep. Mando Martinez, and has a better chance of passing the legislature.


Hughes Amendment Withdrawn from HB 1

Thanks to your calls and emails, and amendment that would have prevented any state or federal funds from being used to reduce excess motor vehicle lanes for use as bicycle lanes or bus lanes was withdrawn very early in the morning on April 1.


Cyclists in Suits Impressed Your Legislators

On Monday, attendees from all over Texas walked the halls, passed out bicycle pins, and visited every office to explain the several bills positive to cycling working their way through right now. This helped multiply the impact of the calls and emails regarding the Hughes amendment.

Senator Rodney Ellis, who offered a resolution recognizing BikeTexas during Cyclists in Suits, was pleased with the turnout. "From the Senate Floor, we were very impressed by the large turnout of cyclists," he said. "You all filled a big section of the gallery."



Party with BikeTexas, Bike Austin, and the League TONIGHT!

The League of American Bicyclists is in town next week to talk about Austin's Bicycle Friendly Community status, and we think that's a great reason to party! Join us TONIGHT, Thursday, April 23, from 5-7 PM at Zilker Brewing Company, 1701 E 6th St (map) for Happy Hour.

Members of BikeTexas, Bike Austin, or the League get their first drink free! (Check in with a staffer to get your drink token.)


earth day texas adventure zone 15Volunteer with BikeTexas at Earth Day Texas in Dallas This Weekend

Earth Day Texas is coming to Fair Park April 24-26, and BikeTexas is coming, too! Bring the kids out on Saturday & Sunday to try out the BikeTexas KidsKup Adventure Zone, featuring Strider Bikes and a fun course for your kids to develop their skills.

We need your help! BikeTexas needs volunteers to help us run the Adventure Zone smoothly and keep kids rolling all day long. Sign up here to volunteer for one (or more!) three hour shift on Saturday or Sunday, between 10 AM and 8 PM. Note: this is an outdoor event. Come prepared! At the end of your shift, you'll get a free "I Bike TX" t-shirt.


dinnerandbikes2Dinner+Bikes with Elly Blue Rolls Through Texas for Bike Month

BikeTexas is delighted to announce that we and other groups around Texas will be hosting Elly Blue and Joe Biel on their Dinner+Bikes tour in May!

Elly Blue is the author of Everyday Bicycling and Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy, both excellent resources and fun reads. She's also written for many blogs and magazines, and is very engaging and open on social media. We've heard from her at the National Bike Summit and are looking forward to meeting her in person!

Tickets to Dinner+Bikes events will be on sale soon. In the meantime, save the date for when Elly, Joshua, and Joe will be near you:

Amarillo - Wednesday, May 6
Lubbock - Thursday, May 7
Dallas - Friday, May 8
Denton - Saturday, May 9
Austin - Sunday, May 10
San Antonio - Monday, May 11
Brownsville - Tuesday, May 12
Corpus Christi - Thursday, May 14
Houston - Friday, May 15


2015 HEB tearpad photo biketexasSupport BikeTexas While You Shop

EarthShare of Texas is the April beneficiary of the H-E-B tear pad campaign. As an EarthShare partner, BikeTexas will benefit from this promotion as well! Whenever you shop at H-E-B in April, grab one of the tear-off coupons at the register to add $1, $3, or $5 to your total bill. You can join in at any H-E-B or Central Market in Texas. Support bicycle advocacy while you pick up your lettuce!

If you go into your local H-E-B and don't see the tear pads at the register, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so we can make sure they get stocked up!



bike monthMay is Bike Month

Check out our Bike Month preview & resources page here. See the BikeTexas Events Calendar for more BikeTexas Member Events and free community events around the state.


BikeTexas Sponsors and Members


BikeTexas Business and Bike Shop Members  ◊  BikeTexas Club and Bicycle Org Members


Dinner+Bikes with Elly Blue Rolls Through Texas for Bike Month

dinnerandbikes2BikeTexas is delighted to announce that we and other groups around Texas will be hosting Elly Blue, Joshua Ploeg, and Joe Biel on their Dinner+Bikes tour in May!

Elly Blue is the author of Everyday Bicycling and Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy, both excellent resources and fun reads. She's also written for many blogs and magazines, and is very engaging and open on social media. We've heard from her at the National Bike Summit and are looking forward to meeting her in person!

Update from the Dinner and Bikes blog:

For 2015, Elly Blue and Joe Biel co-present a new slide, lecture, and short film presentation about Groundswell movements, incidences where people demand better neighborhood conditions and successfully implemented them. Some of the brand new short films include the story of former gang members in Portland’s historic Black neighborhoods who organized Take Back The Streets bike rides to raise awareness around gang violence and are now organizing a refuge house, James Rohas’ workshops of new views on city planning models, a look at the formation of the equity council of the League of American Bicyclists, how the City of Portland’s Sunday Parkways program was created as a way to engage and discuss gentrification and racism for neighbors in the streets, and the city of Reading, PA’s application of Bikenomics principles for city development after having the 10th highest bicycle mode split in the Northeast despite a lack of infrastructure or even a bike shop in the city proper.

Update: Tickets to Dinner+Bikes events are on sale now! Click your city below to get your tickets. 


Bike Month Proclamation: Sample Text for You to Use

bike monthFor those of us who love to ride bikes, every month is bike month, and we're not about to argue with that! However, ever since May was first declared Bike Month in 1956, it's been a month of extra celebrations of all things two wheels-- and we're not going to argue with that, either.

Would your community like to take part in Bike Month, but your local officials aren't sure where to begin? Below is a sample proclamation you can customize to declare that May is Bike Month in your city and across Texas. Let’s make Texas a great place to bike and walk!


The City/County of ____


Whereas, the bicycle is an economical, healthy, convenient, and environmentally sound form of transportation and an excellent tool for recreation and enjoyment of [insert city/county]’s scenic beauty; and

Whereas, throughout the month of May, the residents of [insert city/county] and its visitors will experience the joys of bicycling through educational programs, races, commuting events, charity events, or by simply getting out and going for a ride; and

Whereas, [insert city/county]’s road and trail system attracts bicyclists each year, providing economic health, transportation, tourism, and scenic benefits; and

Whereas, creating a bicycling-friendly community has been shown to improve citizens’ health, well-being, and quality of life, growing the economy of [insert city/county], attracting tourism dollars, improving traffic safety, supporting student learning outcomes, and reducing pollution, congestion, and wear and tear on our streets and roads; and

Whereas, BikeTexas, [insert local bicycle club/ organization/chamber/tourism bureau/regional planning organization], the League of American Bicyclists, schools, parks and recreation departments, police departments, public health districts, hospitals, companies and civic groups will be promoting bicycling during the month of May 2015; and

Whereas, these groups are also promoting bicycle tourism year round to attract more visitors to enjoy our local restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, and cultural and scenic attractions; and

Whereas, these groups are also promoting greater public awareness of bicycle operation and safety education in an effort to reduce collisions, injuries, and fatalities and improve health and safety for everyone on the road; and

Now therefore, I, _____, Mayor/Executive of [insert city/county], do hereby proclaim May 2015 as

Bike Month

in [insert city/county], and I urge all residents to join me in this special observance.

Signed this ___ day of May, 2015

Mayor/Executive _______________


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