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News By Bike: September 1

It's almost hard to belive that only a week ago, some Texans were gearing up for the Hotter'N Hell Hundred while others were bracing themselves for Harvey to make landfall. We've always known our state is big enough to hold the biggest triumphs and the deepest heartbreaks, and that Texans are strong enough in mind, body, and spirit to face whatever comes without backing down.

Gulf Coast friends, Texas has your back and won't let you get through this alone.


NewByBikeFrom BikeTexas:

The rest of the state is back in school this week. We hope everyone had a great first week back! Check out our back-to-school resources here.

We're honored to announce an exciting partnership with Trek Bikes-- for every Trek sold in Texas in September, Trek will donate $10 to BikeTexas to support bicycle advocacy and education across the state! Need to upgrade or add to your N+1? Now's the time!

We're giving away a bike! Entry period continues until September 20.

New univerisity student? New to Texas? Welcome! Check out this overview of Texas bike laws, and our guide to using public transportation. You'll be rolling in no time!


From around Texas:

Houston B-cycle is already hard at work getting stations and bikes repaired and ready to roll again.

CAMPO's 2045 Regional Active Transportation Plan is available for public comment.

Before the storm hit last week, Houston's city council approved the fiscal year allocation of the Bayou Greenways Projects bond money. Whatever the future holds for Houston's parks, we hope these greenways are able to continue to grow and offer great spaces for Houstonites to relax and enjoy their city.

Velo Paso takes a look at pedestrian accommodation during local construction projects. It isn't pretty.


From elsewhere:

Baby Boomers aren't getting any faster at crossing the street as they age. So it's time to design all-ages friendly streets.

Check out this virtual reality look at how pedestrians might interact with autonomous vehicles.

The National Traffic Safety Board has finally addressed speed as an issue in traffic fatalities.

Winnipeg, Canada, is experimenting with temporary protected bike lane infrastructure in a nine-month pilot program.

Bernice Dapaah is making her community better, one bamboo bike at a time.

Great explanation of level of traffic stress for people who ride bikes.


Have a safe holiday weekend.


News By Bike: August 19

Saturday, 19 August 2017 00:00

It's a slightly belated News By Bike this week, so here's hoping you still have plenty of time this weekend to kick back with a little bike reading.


NewByBikeFrom BikeTexas: 

Our annual bike giveaway is underway! Winner to be drawn at our Annual Membership Meeting on September 24. Don't miss out!

Hotter'n Hell Hundred is just a week away. We can't wait to see you there, so plan to stop by the BikeTexas booth and say hello! We'll have our jerseys, t-shirts, and bike lights available for purchase, and maybe one or two fun extras for HHH attendees.

Back to School is coming, and our BikePedEd materials are perfect for your budding active transportation enthusiast, her teacher, and her whole school. Find out more and ask your child's school to check out our safe biking & walking materials.

Our weekly Trails of Texas series continues this week with the City of Allen urban trailsFollow us on Facebook to see a different trail every Friday.


From around Texas:

A man riding a bike was struck and killed by an unknown driver in San Antonio early this morning. Our thoughts are with the man's family and friends.

The City of Houston is backing the high-speed Houston-to-Dallas rail plan.


From elsewhere:

Calgary's cycle track tryout is doing quite well.

As is the new bicycle grid in Edmonton. Good job, Canada!

The world's biggest bicycle parking garage is under construction in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Seattle's Limebike has kicked off a program that provides bikeshare access for those without a credit card or smartphone.

Hear from the nation's oldest female BMX rider--a 67-year-old Iowan named Kittie Weston-Knauer.


Have a great weekend!


News By Bike: August 11

Happy Friday! Here's what we've been reading this week:


NewByBikeFrom BikeTexas: 

Rather a lot of reading, in fact, because August 9 was National Booklovers' Day and we happen to have a few favorite bike books to share. It's best if you just head straight for the library right now.

Sneak peek for #NewsByBike readers: our annual bike giveaway starts Monday! Be on the lookout for giveaway entry instructions first thing Monday morning.

Hotter'n Hell Hundred is just two weeks away, if you can believe that, and we'll be headed up to Wichita Falls for a fun weekend at the expo. Stop by the BikeTexas booth and say hello! We'll have our jerseys, t-shirts, and bike lights available for purchase.

Back to School is coming, and our BikePedEd materials are perfect for your budding active transportation enthusiast, her teacher, and her whole school. Find out more and ask your child's school to check out our safe biking & walking materials.

Our weekly Trails of Texas series continues this week with the San Antonio Mission Trail. Follow us on Facebook to see a different trail every Friday.


From around Texas:

Great news, Aggies: Texas A&M has installed bike desks in the libraries.

You might need some tissues for this one. Kids with special needs learned to ride a bike for the first time at Bike Camp in San Antonio last week.

The City of Lubbock celebrated new bike lanes on Broadway yesterday.


From elsewhere:

The best Complete Streets policies of 2016 have been announced--alas, none of them are in Texas. Next year?

Maybe bike advocates should try this: "Reporters would submit a few facts about local traffic accidents to Detroit, and the auto industry's safety committee would send back a full report on the situation in their city."

London is gathering data on the best places to put new bikeways, but some are saying it's time for less talk and more action.

In the ongoing battle against bike theft, Portland is fighting back.

Also in Portland, a bike share program for riders with disabilites has just launched--the first program of its kind.

Interesting research from the UK about the health benefits of different commuting modes.  

Dockless bike share has launched in Manchester, England, but so far it's had mixed results around the world.


Have a great weekend!


#BookLoversDay: 10+ Bicycle Reads

booklovers dayAugust 9 is Book Lovers' Day! For your reading enjoyment, we’ve put together a handful of some bicycle-related books for you to kick back with after you’ve finished your ride. Books are listed in alphabetical order by title.

All links (except where noted) are to the books' pages on Amazon. If you decide to purchase through Amazon, please log into and choose BikeTexas (Texas Bicycle Coalition) as your beneficiary. Get a good book and support bicycle advocacy!


Because I Could Not Stop My Bike and Other Poems, by Karen Jo Shapiro & Matt Faulkner

The title poem is the only one that's bike related, but as a parody on Emily Dickinson's slightly more famous work, it's top-notch. If you'd like to introduce your kids to some classic poetry without them knowing it, or need some new bedtime reading material, or just enjoy poetry yourself, it's a winner.


The Bikeable Church, by Sean Benesh

Wish your place of worship were more bike-friendly? Get some great ideas here. Also by Sean Benesh: The Bohemian Guide to Urban Cyclingwhich is a fun look at city riding. 


Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save The Economy (link is to the publisher, Microcosm Publishing)

A real look at our transportation costs and how bikes can help create healthier humans, boost local economies, and foster a sense of community. Also by Elly Blue: Everyday Bicycling (link is to Microcosm Publishing), a short and very sweet how-to guide for beginning riders.

Ms. Blue has come through Texas a few times in recent years with the Dinner and Bikes tour, including a fun-filled 2015 stop at the BikeTexas headquarters in Austin.


City Cycling, by John Pucher & Ralph Buehler

This is an academic research book, so it does not read like a novel. However, it is a gem that is chock-full of key information to take to your city officials, and as such is a must-have reference for advocates.

Dr. Pucher was the speaker at our Shifting Gears Lecture Series during the 2013 legislative session.


 Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet, by Mia Burk

Ride along with Portland’s former bicycle coordinator as she recounts the journey to make Portland one of the best bicycling cities in the U.S. You'll recognize many of the roadblocks and frustrations that Ms. Burk faced along the way as the same ones that continue to plague advocates across the U.S., and also be inspired at how those roadblocks were turned into mere speed bumps.


Roads Were Not Built for Cars, by Carlton Reid

A great look at the history of who exactly pushed for modern-day roads to be built. (Non-)Spoiler alert: it was people who ride bikes! The interactive version is especially great for enjoying all the included photos and tons of historical tidbits that Mr. Reid includes in the book.


Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban RevolutionJanette Sadik-Khan

Former NYC transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan came to work with a mission: Make NYC safer for pedestrians and people who ride bikes. The book chronicles successes, failures, and above all, Ms. Sadik-Khan's determination to transform her city.

Ms. Sadik-Khan stopped in Austin as part of her book tour in 2015.


The Urban Cycling Survival Guide, by Yvonne Bambrick

Our own Robin Stallings provided the cover quote for this excellent book that covers all the basics. Not sure how to get started rolling along on two wheels? Ms. Bambrick has boiled it all down for you right here.


Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom, by Sue Macy 

A short, easy read about the role the bicycle played in the women’s suffrage movement. This book is especially great to read at this time of year--August 18 marks the 97th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote. 

This is a kid-friendly and kid-oriented book, so don't waste any time getting to your local library. No kids? Not to worry--it's a great one for adults, too.


Still not enough to fill your shelf? Check out these recommendations from a recent #bikeschool Twitter chat. And chime in on Facebook or Twitter to tell us your favorite bike book that we haven't read yet!


News by Bike: August 4

Friday, 04 August 2017 00:00

Well, it took a bit longer than anticipated to dust this thing off, but News By Bike is BACK! Here's what we're reading this week:



From BikeTexas:

Things are still tense at the lege, and we're keeping a close eye on a piece of legislation that could undermine local texting while driving bans around the state. Sign up for our Action Alerts to be sure you don't miss out when it's time to call the Capitol. 

Our annual trip to Hotter'N Hell Hundred, bike giveaway, and membership meeting are all coming up in the next few weeks! Stay tuned to learn more. 

Back to School is coming, and our BikePedEd materials are perfect for your budding active transportation enthusiast, her teacher, and her whole school. Find out more and ask your child's school to check out our safe biking & walking materials.

Our weekly Trails of Texas series continues this week with the Houston Bayou Greenways. Follow us on Facebook to see a different trail every Friday.


From around Texas:

A driver ran a red light and hit a woman on a bike in College Station. The rider is recovering.

Amarillo is working toward being a great place to walk and ride a bike.

Meanwhile, Fort Worth is doing great and keeps getting better for bikes.

Our friends at The Rivard Report took some of our e-bikes for a spin

Houston Police are constantly working to improve bike safety, but not always ticketing drivers who endanger people on bikes.

Austin is installing new bicycle signals around town.

San Antonio B-Cycle, the first bikeshare system in Texas, made this list of great things to do on a date night in SATX.

Austin's Pedestrian Safety Action Plan is open for public comment. Check it out and respond by August 31.


From elsewhere:

More New Yorkers than ever are taking to two wheels, thanks to lots of infrastructure and encouragement. (The bikelash is worse than ever, too. Don't let the haters get you down, NYC!)

Ottawa just found out how much money they can save on their road construction by building some bike lanes.

Open Streets events have spread around the world, including all over Texas, but Bogotá remains king.

In Vadodara, India, Nikita Lalwani has discovered how easy it is to get around on two wheels-- and she's spreading the word.


Do you have a story we need to read? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and maybe you'll be in next week's News By Bike.


Have a great weekend!


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