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Get Involved! National Bike Summit Lobby Day

texans at nbs15 for web biketexasLast year at the National Bike Summit, advocates in D.C. and around the country visited, tweeted, emailed, and otherwise contacted their members of Congress about setting performance measures for bicycle and pedestrian fatalities. One year later, and those performance measures are a reality. That's the difference that lobbying makes.

Today, we can make a difference again! Bike Summit attendees are on the Hill today making personal visits, but don't let that stop you from reaching out from home. Advocates are asking three things from their members of Congress today:

1. Will you support continued funding for bicycling and walking as part of a multi-modal transportation program?  (House and Senate)

2. Will you co-sponsor the Vision Zero Act? (HR 1274) (House)

3. Will you co-sponsor the Transportation Alternatives Program Improvement Act (TAPIA)? (Senate)

Read more about these asks here.

Please reach out to your members of Congress today, via social media or email, to ask for their support for these measures for alternative transportation. Write your own message or use the League of American Bicyclists' action center. Your voice matters!


Throwback Thursday: Innovation Award

biketexas staff innovation advocacy award nbs12In honor of the National Bike Summit this week, we'll do a very short throwback to 2012, when BikeTexas won the Innovation Award from the Alliance for Biking and Walking during "the Oscars of bicycle advocacy" at the summit.

The Innovation Award was in recognition of BikeTexas' VIP bike rides for elected officials and policymakers using our bike fleet. Thanks to these rides at the local, state, and even national levels, more cities and states have leaders who have seen firsthand the joys and challenges of riding a bike. We get elected officials, staffers, and other decision-makers on bikes as often as we can!


Submit Comments Now for 183 North Project

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 10:03

ct rma trail at 183 austin biketexasNumbers Matter: Please attend the 183 North Mobility Project Open House and show your support for a shared-use path.

Tonight, March 10, the 183 North Mobility Project is holding an open house to update the public on the plans for the segment of 183 between MoPac and SH 45N.

$5 million for bicycle and pedestrian accommodations is included in this project.

Now is a critical time for people who ride bikes in Austin to speak up and ask for a shared-use path along the entire corridor. With funding already dedicated to this project, the next step is for us to ensure that our voices are heard and submit comments asking for a shared-use path.

Please attend the open house tonight at Westwood High School Cafeteria (map) from 5-8 PM, or submit comments online here. Your voice matters! Thank you for making Austin a great place to ride a bike.



Throwback Thursday: Cyclists in Suits

Thursday, 29 January 2015 00:00

texas first cyclists in suits 2001 biketexasSince 2001, there's one thing legislators can count on every session: getting a visit and a bike pin on Cyclists in Suits Day.

Through the years, hundreds of Texans who ride bikes have made the trek to Austin to speak to legislators about bills that are important to have passed-- or bills that need to be voted down, like SB 238 in 2001. Our recap of the legislature that year:

Stopped Senate Bill 238, anti-bike legislation, from passing through the Texas Legislature, whereupon Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth fully acknowledged the power of the Texas bicycle lobby to the press.

"He has received more calls, letters, and emails from his constituents on SB 238 than any other bill he has introduced. The cycling lobby had done an effective job of networking."
-- Jan. 2001, San Antonio Express-News

(Senator Wentworth went on to become a friend to people who ride bikes, and introduced Senator Ellis' keynote address at TTAT 2012.)

Add your voice to the hundreds-- register for Cyclists in Suits 2015


Photo: Poster for the first Cyclists in Suits on April 9, 2001.


Register Now! Cyclists in Suits is March 30

The day we've been waiting for since 2013 is coming up fast-- Texas' Bike Lobby Day, Cyclists in Suits, will be Monday, March 30! Sign up here.

cyclists in suits 2013 biketexas

What's Cyclists in Suits about? We'll start the day talking about the bills in the lege that are important to people who ride bikes, with some coaching on how to talk to legislators and their staffs. Everybody gets bike pins and literature to hand out. Next, we'll break into teams to visit each legislative office. Everyone will have a chance to visit their own legislators and let them know that cycling issues matter in your district!

Why suits? We found out pretty early on in our work with the lege that elected officials respond better when we show up in their offices in professional attire, instead of wearing whatever their mental picture of a "cyclist" is. Wear comfortable shoes, though-- we'll be doing lots of walking through the day at the Capitol and your feet will thank you if you take good care of them!

Does a visit from a constituent matter? Yes! Check out this article about Iris Stagner's visit to the Capitol in 2009, which ultimately ended in her senator changing his stance on the Safe Passing bill. When elected officials hear from their constituents, especially an in-person visit, it makes a huge impact.

At the end of the day, we'll gather at the BikeTexas office for happy hour and to celebrate a day of great work. Still not sure? After the 2013 Cyclists in Suits, Paul Harris of Bedford said,

"You should come to Cyclists in Suits because it is a fulfilling experience to work with the legislators to improve safety in cycling and access to help provide more and better places to cycle. My wife, Lynne, and I brought our 16-year-old grandson with us for the second year. He had a real blast and is already talking about going back next time. If you have kids or grandkids who are mature enough to grasp what we are doing, you should bring them along to see the legislative process in action and help raise awareness of what we are doing with their peers."

Learn more and register to attend Cyclists in Suits 2015 here.


Photo: Cyclists in Suits attendees at the end of the day in 2013. What's missing from this picture? YOU!

See more photos from past Cyclists in Suits events:

2013 photos

2011 photos

2007 photos


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