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About Us BikeTexas Staff Durwood and Allene Mayfield

Durwood and Allene Mayfield

D-A Staff PhotoBikeTexas Ambassadors

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Durwood and Allene moved from Lubbock to Austin to be BikeTexas Ambassadors, traveling to cycling events around the state to spread the word about BikeTexas. Durwood and Allene lived in Lubbock for 37 years, so moving away was quite a change!

The Mayfields were presented with the an opportunity to take a leap of faith and move to Austin to take positions with BikeTexas as “Time Travelers”—the unofficial title arose because, as Durwood says, “They tell me what time, and I travel.” Durwood and Allene are helping to develop the program to market the BikeTexas specialty license plates, which provide critical funding for several of BikeTexas’ safety and education programs.

In addition to moving from Lubbock to Austin, the Mayfields moved from a four-bedroom home to a 30-foot travel trailer, in order to follow their dream to help create a safer Texas for cyclists of every age in every area of their great home state. They hope that the BikeTexas licence plate program can also inspire other states to follow suit! Durwood and Allene like to say it took both courage and faith to uproot themselves and leave what they hope will be a lasting legacy of safe, happy cyclists all over Texas.

Allene worked at a dentist office for over twenty years and her coworkers, their patients, and their families had all grown to be friends. Durwood had moved from having his own automotive business to an outside sales job, keeping many of the same work acquaintances along the way, and so he also had a long history with his coworkers being friends to leave behind. When the Mayfields told their friends, family, and coworkers about their decision to move to Austin for their new adventure, they were met with mixed reactions, ranging from disbelief to admiration, sometimes with a little envy mixed in.

Many of Durwood and Allene’s family-- a son, his two boys, our daughter and her daughter and a great-grandson-- all still live in Lubbock. Their family ties made it extremely hard to make this decision to move. However, they both have siblings in the Austin area, as well as a son, daughter-in-law and great-grandson in Breckenridge, so more family was waiting when they arrived in Central Texas.

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