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Many Texas colleges and universities promote walking and cycling. Why? Active transportation solves parking problems; allows students to make smart economic choices; addresses sustainability and air quality concerns; and encourages active, safe, and healthy lifestyles for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

BikeTexas had a successful pilot year in 2012: CATS instructors trained 3,133 students at seven Texas colleges and universities in safe riding and walking for transportation. In 2013-2014, CATS expanded to more schools.

Interested in bringing BikeTexas CATS to your campus? Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Initially funded by the Texas Department of Transportation, BikeTexas CATS provided cycling and walking education to university students across Texas to reduce pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities among our college students. Texas has the fourth highest number of annual bicyclist fatalities and the highest number of total traffic fatalities in the U.S. (These data are from 2011) We don’t want our college students to be the next statistic: young adults leaving home for the first time need to be equipped with the knowledge to make them better road users, whether in a car, on a bike, or on foot. BikeTexas CATS worked to fill that gap.




2013-2014 CATS Team

At BikeTexas: Executive Director Robin Stallings, Program Manager Brenda Chuleewah, and Staff Members Emma Cravey, Ann Harkness, Leslie Luciano, Fernando Martinez, Allene Mayfield, Durwood Mayfield, Jack Sanford, and Susan Wilcox.

At Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT): Program Manager Lydia Bryan-Valdez, Traffic Safety Director Terry Pence, and Programs Director Jim Hollis.


2012 CATS Team

Thank you to everyone who provided input, reviewed, or otherwise collaborated during the 2012 CATS pilot year. We appreciate your insights, talents, and contributions!

BikeTexas Staff -- Executive Director Robin Stallings, Program Manager & Curriculum Developer Donna Hoffman, Communications Assistant/Student Coordinator Juliana Furioso, Photographer Ann Harkness, Jack Sanford, Emma Cravey, Mark Stine, Brenda Chuleewah, Fernando Martinez, Leslie Luciano, Susan Wilcox

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Safety Division Staff -- Program Manager Lydia Bryan-Valdez, Traffic Safety Director Terry Pence, Programs Director Jim Hollis

League Cycling Instructors -- Regina Garcia, Jerrel Wallace, Brian Hatt, Julie Doheny, Cliff Molloy, Justin Moore

SafeCyclist Faculty -- 

Teresita Ramirez, UT Austin;

Susan Hart, Assistant Professor, UT Brownsville;

Charles Hart, Adjunct Lecturer, UT Brownsville;

Susan Wagner, Texas A&M College Station; 

Dr. Joel Bloom, Associate Professor, Health Education, University of Houston

University Faculty/Staff & Consultants -- 

Charles Riou, TxDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator;

Joan Hudson, Associate Research Engineer, Texas Transportation Insitute of Texas A&M;  

Ron Steedly, Alternative Transportation Manager, Texas A&M College Station;

Blanca Juarez, Alternative Transportation Manager, and Samuel Cortez, Bicycle Coordinator; UT Austin Parking & Transportation Services;

Officer Roberto Gonzalez, UT Austin Police Department;  

Dean of Students Dr. Mari Fuentes-Martin, Dean of Students, and Melissa de la Rosa, Orientation, UT Brownsville;  

Marianella Franklin, Director of Sustainability Programs, UT Pan AM;

Attorney Mark Peña, Ciclistas Urbanos;

Howard Patterson, Director, Herrington Patriot Center and Bob Hepler, Head Coach, UT Tyler;  

George 'Butch' Willingham, BikeTexas Board of Directors;  

Dr. Rozena McCabe, Kinesiology, and LaGina Harris, First Year Experience Coordinator, Huston-Tillotson University;  

Nicole Holt, Executive Director, and Alex Tapias, Strategy Specialist, Texans Standing Tall;

Cynthia Schiebel, LPC, LCDC, AAC, ADC3, CPS, Sober Austin;  

Alyssa Simms, Capitol Metro

Students --

Texas A&M -- Tucker Cullum, Liz Carrera, Edward Matthews;  

UT Austin -- Kate Bedford, Chandler Gandy, Beth Rosenbarger;  

UT Brownsville -- Edgar Covarrubias;  

UT Pan Am -- Alex Spishakoff;  

UT Tyler -- Chauncey Deller;  

Huston-Tillotson University -- Angela Gallimore, Peer Learning Counselor

CATS Stars - Photography & Video Talent

CATS Presentation Photos -- April Aliermo, Adam Butler, Fidel Campbell, Laureen Connelly, Alfredo Fierro, Juliana Furioso, Jettie Koen, Daniel Lee, Melody Liao, Megan McDonald, Patrick Beyer, Liam Robarth-Laye, Jack Sanford, Kaya Sumer

Safety Bling!  

The Rhymanese Twins -- Jon Steinmeier & Noah Tabakin.  

TxDOT Travel Division video team -- Benard Stafford, John Clawson, Michael Amador, Chris Lewis, Debbie Snyder.

Crew -- Donna Hoffman, Juliana Furioso, Purly Gates, Ron Beal, Alan Koda, Ed Fuentes, BikeTexas staff.  

Actors-- Lee Arnold, Daniella Baird, Patrick Beyer, Jason Butler, Fidel Campbell, Shannon Crane, Andre Denais, Jennifer Denais, Jessica Duffy, Karen Gause, Landon Gillett, Bethany Hamilton, Derek Hansen, Laura Higgins, Sandy Hines, David Hudson, Heather Kouros, Paul Kim, Anna Kong, Maeve Kent, Pamela Larson, Rachel Laye, Tyler Mainz, Edward Matthews, Brandon McKinney, Marah Nomack, Andre Pelaez, P. Monroe Patterson, Tim Pipe, Hilda Ramos, John Randall, Mark Rausch, Jesse S., Cameron Schultz,Tyler Shaffer, Imani Shanklin, Gilbert Slade, Mark Sullivan, Sarah Swinney, Maegen Valdez, Daryl Wade, Jermaine Walker, David Westenbarger, James Woodring, Christine Yager

Thanks also goes to...

Farideh Dassi, Engineer;  

Mark Peña, Irma & Ramon Hermida, Edinburg Ciclistas Urbanos;  

Alfonso Vallejo, Transportation Planner, City of Brownsville;  

City of College Station Parks & Recreation;

City of Austin Parks & Recreation;

Jeremy Phillips, Austin Bike Zoo;

Brownsville City Commissioner Rose Gowen, MD and Jeffrey Gowen; 

Dr. Murad Abusalim and Erick Darbo-Diaz, University of Texas at Brownsville, School of Architecture; 

Brooks Goldsmith and the Hump Day Nooner Ride;

Jim Walker, UT Austin Office of Sustainability


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